The death of Virgil Abloh, artistic director of Louis Vuitton menswear and mastermind of Off-White™, has sent shockwaves through the global industries related to fashion.

Although Virgil Abloh has been no longer with us, his legacy of work, creativity and inspiration has brought a lot of fresh blood to the fashion world.

Recently, Louis Vuitton 2022 early autumn menswear series, a work completed by Virgil Abloh before his death, was finally exposed.

The series is created with the theme of “boyhood ideology”, including suits, coats, vests, knitwear, pants, tannin suits, sportswear, shoes, sunglasses, bags and a variety of accessories.

Louis Vuitton alphabet print variant with Virgil Abloh iconic elements and style.

Classic checkerboard patterns with bright prints create a youthful atmosphere.

The graffiti suits and jackets designed by Milan tattoo artist Ghusto Leon look like future works after haloing and embroidery.

The hot Trainer shoes also have a new look.

Combine street clothes, work clothes and formal clothes to redefine menswear and break the existing traditional thought, which is also the spirit that Virgil Abloh has always advocated.

Virgil Abloh’s life is short but wonderful, hoping that he can continue to inspire more people to pursue their dreams.

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